The ink had yet to flow upon the treaty of Nan King, when the drum of hooves first sounded on the track

The year was 1841, negotiations had begun, the die was cast, the tapes went up, there was no going back

For going back, they don’t do here; what’s been and done is gone, and though the past is sacrosanct, The future drives Hong Kong

From Aberdeen to Causeway Bay, The Valley to Sha Tin, the edict came to build a course; to let the world join in

And so since 1988 battalions have arrived to challenge local heroes and to fight for national pride

To celebrate, to honour, to put champions to the test; to triumph or to falter in the town where East meets West

The vision and the mission of the grand HKJC stands for leadership in Horse Racing; respect, integrity

For ways and means of bringing in new blood to our great sport, to generate a passion and to galvanise support

Of course we have the betting, it’s essential to this game, but it doesn’t stand alone and those who think so…think again

The giants who inspire our want for combat here engage; an Able Friend, a Lucky Nine, Indigenous and bright Sunline

They’ve shone upon this stage

They come from here, they come from there, they come from now and yesteryear; shout River Verdon, Ba Ba’s three

Shout California Memory; Silent Witness, Dunaden and Ouija Board, shout all of them;

They speak through courage, speak through heart, through guts and grace they leave a mark; time and time again

And great men of this city strive beyond their towers and towering lives to own a Racehorse of this class

Who in their names will conquer all and in who’s colours head the call at Sha Tin one December day

The Longines Clock, the target point; the line of conquest or dismay will herald dreams…complete The Play


©Henry F Birtles