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  • A poem for the Princess Royal

    Upon the request of Princess Anne during a reception at Buckingham Palace, I have written a poem to highlight the plight of the Suffolk Punch.

    Author: 3 April 2014, 11:27am Read more
  • Come Along to the Best Mate Statue on Gold Cup Day

    I will be back on my soapbox at 12 noon beside Best Mate's statue giving my annual tribute... 

    Author: 25 February 2014, 10:27am Read more
  • Damien Lewis' stirring rendition of 'The Harvest'

    It was a mind-blowing honour to be sitting in such a place waiting for the moment when a poem I had written specially for this service...

    Author: 15 January 2014, 11:17am Read more


Henry Birtles has created a great niche for writing and delivering bespoke racing poems. His ‘Best Mate’ has become an essential part of Gold Cup Day when he recites this beside the horse’s statue. The Derby poem is terrific and was well used by BBC during their coverage last year and he delivered a wonderful tribute to Sir Peter O’Sullevan on the day we celebrated his 90th Birthday at Cheltenham.”

Edward Gillespie – Former Managing Director Cheltenham Racecourse

“Thank you to Henry Birtles, who did that without an autocue, without notes, absolutely sensational…great poem”

Clare Balding – BBC Sport

(...if anyone really cares!)

Henry Birtles runs his own company Henry Birtles Associates (HBA), a media consultancy specialising in Television Rights. Getting racing to a broader audience is the name of his game, something he also aims to achieve through his poems. HBA has established itself as a provider of racing content to the international

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