Sports Innovation

The Advantage

Henry Birtles has conceived and registered what has been recognized in the British press as the most viable alternative to one of sport's biggest conundrums, Football's Penalty Shoot out.  Presented to senior executives at FIFA in 2008, it is still under consideration.

"The new proposal is the brainchild of an Englishman who has worked on his tiebreaker, called The Advantage, for the last four years. Henry Birtles is the man who could rewrite the way cup ties are settled... He presented his brilliantly simple proposal to FIFA and sources have told the Daily Express that it was warmly received...If FIFA want to end the years of frustration and the perennial claims of unfairness associated with the shoot-out, they will grasp Birtles' big idea. The Advantage is brilliant; it is simple and it will be only good for the game...The Advantage speaks for itself."

Sports Editor Bill Bradshaw writing in the Daily Express


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